• 2 FREE points with purchase of 6  $79
  • 5 FREE points with purchase of 18  $179
  • 7 FREE points with purchase of 33  $279
  • 9 FREE points with purchase of 48  $379
  • 2 FREE sprays with purchase of 5 Norvell  $129
Great Tan Tanning Booth for a Standing Tan

Great Tan Ongoing Specials

  • Tan By Ten:
    • Between 8am and 10am daily, cash only.
    • Level 1/low pressure $15*
    • Level 2/medium pressure   $20*
    • Norvell Sunless   $27
    • Level 3/high pressure   $30*
          *INCLUDES 10% EXCISE TAX
  • Introductory for new clients:
    • 4 tanning points plus a packet of lotion, $45 plus taxes.
  • First time Norvell Sunless:
    • $29.88 includes Norvell Sunless accessories kit!
  • 2fer Tuesday:
    • 2 people tan for the unrestricted price of a single tan
  • Base Builder special:
    • 7 tans in 2 levels of equipment, gradually increasing exposure
      time to develop a good base tan. Includes a bottle of accelerator lotion.

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We're back!!


We're anxious to open our doors to you!

Due to COVID requirements, we are enforcing masks and distancing rules inside the salon.

To space out arrivals and departures, everyone needs an appointment. You can sign up NOW for your tanning spot:


We want you to have the best color possible, and so we tossed out all the open Norvell spray solutions for fear they might be stale. Hey, it's been 6 months. SO, we ordered fresh production solutions and they will arrive mid next week. Our first appointments for spray tanning will be Thursday 9/17-you can book ahead right now.

Great Tan donated all our unopened hair covers to hospitals to use as PPE. Until the supply lines are opened up for non-medical usages, we won't have disposable bonnets to use during your spray tan. Please bring a shower cap to protect your hair or some other suitable item. Thanks.