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Great Tan markets tans by the minute, by the session, by the month, or on a recurring debit basis. We specifically create programs to meet your goals, timeline, and budget.

Why Indoor Tanning

Tanning indoors removes all the variables of outdoor sun exposure. It’s clean, comfortable and time efficient, and the amount of light exposure is carefully regulated. Whether it’s July or December, sunny or cloudy, indoor tanning is the dependable way to tan.

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Great Tan Ongoing Specials

  • Tan By Ten:
    • Between 8am and 10am daily, cash only.
    • Level 1/low pressure $15*
    • Level 2/medium pressure   $20*
    • Norvell Sunless   $27
    • Level 3/high pressure   $30*
          *INCLUDES 10% EXCISE TAX
  • Introductory for new clients:
    • 4 tanning points plus a packet of lotion, $45 plus taxes.
  • First time Norvell Sunless:
    • $29.88 includes Norvell Sunless accessories kit!
  • 2fer Tuesday:
    • 2 people tan for the unrestricted price of a single tan
  • Base Builder special:
    • 7 tans in 2 levels of equipment, gradually increasing exposure
      time to develop a good base tan. Includes a bottle of accelerator lotion.
Great Tan Tanning Bed

Indoor Tanning at Great Tan

We offer three levels of UV tanning equipment in both sunbed (lay down) and sunbooth (stand up) options.

Our Low pressure beds and booths are perfect for building melanin in your skin. Melanin is produced when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. It darkens as it rises to the surface of your skin, producing a natural tan. The light in our low pressure equipment is especially effective at producing melanin.

Great Tans Medium pressure beds and booths are particularly effective at deepening your tan and moving you through a plateau in your color. The light array in these beds is somewhat different than the lights in Low pressure equipment. There are more lamps and each lamp has more output in Medium than in Low.

We have two versions of High pressure sunbeds. The Future Sun is a combination of 24, high pressure quartz lamp lights in the bed canopy and 21 Medium pressure lamps in the bench.   The UltraBronz 950 has 24, 1000 watt lamps in the canopy, and you lay on a comfortable mattress during the session. Both types of High pressure sunbeds are highly effective at deepening the color of melanin. Although you can start tanning in the High pressure beds, we recommend having a base tan and ample melanin loads in your skin to get the maximum results in High pressure equipment.

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Great Tan is Closed

Great Tan is closed until at least January 4 to combat the COVID surge, per the SF Health Department order.